Winners and Runners Up - Since 2003
The League has sporting records from 2003 to the present day, however Micro League has existed since at least 1987. If any Club has any Micro League sporting records prior to 2002 they would be gratefully received by the League

Division A
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Southport A148511.085
Leyland A168521.071
Preston A168876.018
Fleetwood A94061.001
Blackpool A93988.001
Carnforth A156576.000
Pioneer 79 A114931.500
Southport B104539.000
Newton Hall A62640.000
Blackburn A62378.500
Chorley A62173.000
Lancaster A41475.500
Wigan A2947.500
Everton A2866.000
Clitheroe A2687.000
Ormskirk A1450.500
Garston A1386.000
Swim Trafford A1143.000
From 2010 Newton Hall merged with Blackpool
Before 2011 Burnley Aquatics were known as Rosegrove

Division B
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Lancaster A115315.520
Garston A73400.020
Southport A21223.020
Ormskirk A125682.012
Fleetwood A73739.512
Chorley A73485.011
Blackburn A94269.510
Liverpool A73269.010
Everton A21081.010
Pioneer 79 A1687.010
Carnforth A1665.010
Newton Hall A1602.010
Swim Trafford A1561.010
Clitheroe A125627.004
Wigan A42151.004
Burnley Aquatics A104248.501
Blackpool A41807.001
Southport B1631.001
Garstang A72922.000
Leyland B62570.500
Preston B62500.500
Colne A62407.500
Prescot A1551.000
Newton Hall B1377.000
Blackpool B1301.000
Division C
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Prescot A21249.020
Preston B105321.513
Leyland B105265.013
Garstang A94371.011
Clitheroe A21038.011
Kirkham A114653.510
Colne A83348.510
Southport B31746.010
Chorley A21002.010
Swim Trafford A1698.010
Everton A1692.010
Garston A1670.010
Pioneer 79 A1659.010
Liverpool A1641.510
Halton A1613.010
Blackpool B94027.502
Ormskirk A31553.002
Burnley Aquatics A31099.501
Wigan A21097.501
Blackburn A1562.001
BOBCATS A1553.001
Carnforth B145985.000
Newton Hall B62930.000
Fleetwood B41459.000
Clitheroe B51425.500
Blackpool C A41291.000
Lytham St Annes A31232.000
Lancaster A1449.000
Blackpool A1448.000
Great Harwood A1246.000
Division A Grand Final
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Southport A142176.5131
Preston A151867.027
Leyland A121433.015
Pioneer 79 A4433.502
Fleetwood A5545.501
Carnforth A4390.500
Blackpool A3253.000
Blackburn A2198.000
Wigan A2191.000
Newton Hall A194.000
Chorley A173.000
Southport B169.000
Division A Swim Off
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Chorley A6695.522
Fleetwood A6765.021
Carnforth A5585.021
Pioneer 79 A4529.021
Blackpool A3409.521
Blackburn A4459.011
Southport B2274.011
Garston A4458.010
Everton A2257.010
Southport A2237.010
Swim Trafford A1148.010
Clitheroe A7760.003
Leyland A3377.002
Wigan A5587.001
Lancaster A5556.001
Newton Hall A2251.001
Ormskirk A3246.001
Liverpool A190.000
Burnley Aquatics A176.000
Division B Swim Off
TeamSeasonsPTSWinnersRunners Up
Garstang A6656.021
Garston A3412.021
Clitheroe A5609.020
Preston B8977.014
Prescot A2271.011
Liverpool A3262.010
Everton A1176.010
Swim Trafford A1173.010
Southport B1172.010
Pioneer 79 A1163.010
BOBCATS A1152.010
Garstang B1148.010
Chorley A1147.010
Blackburn A3350.002
Ormskirk A4258.002
Blackpool B2255.002
Burnley Aquatics A5342.001
Halton A1149.001
Wigan A1138.001
Leyland B7749.000
Lancaster A2233.000
Colne A2202.000
Blackpool A2173.000
Kirkham A1138.000
Newton Hall B190.000